Please book your spot using our MyZone booking system. Classes may be cancelled or changed if numbers are below 5. No shows or no notification of cancellations may result in you missing out on your next class.  If the same class is on back-to-back you may only book for one of those timeslots not both for the consideration to other members missing out on classes. If you are unwell, please do not come in and let us know so we can give your spot to someone on the reserve list.

Our timetable can change from time to time, so please call us on 871 3535 or check out our Facebook page for any updates.



KiMax® is performed with a free-standing bag, designed exclusively for this class, using boxing gloves and/or shin pads for optional protection.
KiMax® means ‘energy to the max’ or ‘maximum energy’ and there could be no more apt description of what this program delivers.  Each
‘round’ used in KiMax® assimilates the use of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing through simple combinations, which are intense and dynamic.
A workout that teaches you to push your limits. Benefits: Fitness / Confidence / Power


A challenging program to strengthen and tone your body.  Power is much more than just training with weights!  There’s more than one way to
tone and strengthen your entire body, using a barbell. Plates and/or your bodyweight, and that’s the secret behind POWER®.   Radical
POWER® can also be applied as POWER CARDIO® which combines simple. Athletic aerobic tracks incorporated into the training with weights.
Benefits: Strength / Toning / Fat Burning


A simple yet intense training program designed to achieve real and quick results in terms of calorie burning and muscle toning. Super Circuit
combines functional exercises using barbells, plates and your own body weight to maximise the intensity whilst having fun! Benefits: Fitness /
Fat Burning / Muscle Toning


X55® stands for “55 minutes of extreme energy and intensity”, which means this is the ideal workout for toning, fat burning and muscle
conditioning.  There is no group fitness program, equal to the task, that can provide such an amazing combined cardio and toning workout
than X55® Cleverly designed to use a step, hand- weights and your body weight, X55® will transform your body like no other. Benefits: Fat
Loss / Toning / Stamina


An amazing and challenging indoor cycling program created specially to satisfy the most demanding demands of all cycle lovers.  The varied,
fun and motivating class formats (FULL, RACE, CLIMB) will help you burn more than 900 calories per session while the buttocks and legs are
maximally toned.  TOPRIDE® class is a unique and unforgettable experience! Benefits: Fat Loss / Toning / Fitness


UBOUND® is an intense and energetic exercise program with rebounders, which means no impact and no stress on joints.  The benefits of
UBOUND® on improving the lymphatic system (for toxin release) helps many to feel a sense of euphoria, which may also explain why scientists
describe it as “one of the most effective exercise training regimes ever created by humans! Benefits: Fitness / Conditioning / Health


Pilates teaches body awareness and good posture while increasing core strength.  It will emphasize the development of strong core stability,
breathing, flexibility and balance. Benefits: Core Strength / Flexibility / Muscle Toning


All body fitness, strength, flexibility, and power class.  This class works on the fundamentals of how to do an exercise, stripping it right back to
give you the best results possible.  Then increasing the intensity all while still having fun!  This is a group training program where no two
classes are designed the same! Benefits: Fitness / Strength / Flexibility


The best Core HIIT program, providing an intense and effective workout for Abs and Glutes!


Suspension bands make it possible to work the body in all 3 planes using your own body weight as resistance. The feeling of working out is
incredible and the exercises are easy and fun.


The second strategy of Factor F is that of training in a 6-station circuit. Several muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a
considerable increase in the metabolism and aerobic and anaerobic capabilities.