Standard membership includes 24/7 access to the gym for the life of your membership and access to KiMax, Ubound, Power, X55, Super Circuit, Hyper C classes on our current timetable.

  • 12mths $19 per week
  • 6mths $21 per week
  • 3mths $23 per week


Platinum Memberships

Platinum Memberships include all of the above plus additional classes TopRide, FX360, Suspension and Mat Pilates this type of membership also includes access to Radical Fitness at home app.

  • 12mths $25 per week
  • 6mths $27 per week
  • 3mths $29 per week



We have two options for joining fees applicable upon joining for any membership.

  • $49 joining fee option gets you started as a member of Zero Limits and covers all admin costs, 24/7 and will cover your first couple of days of your membership until your direct debit is set to begin.  This is a good option if you already have a program for the gym or if you were just going to start with classes.
  • $89 which also includes a program with a trainer in the gym.  Great option for beginners as this will set you up with a program for your specific goals straight away.



24/7 access is included with all memberships (upon completion of a health assessment).